What is Caloric Responsibility…

Fabio Comana
Metabolism. Weight loss. Fat. Just mention these words and you are certain to capture most people’s attention. Given our obesity epidemic and what has become an obsession with losing weight, many of us are almost fanatical about boosting our metabolism and finding ways to lose weight as quickly as possible. Open almost any consumer health and fitness magazine, your Web browser, or turn on late night TV, and you’d be hard pressed to miss some advertisement promising the Holy Grail of a quick fix in transforming flab-to-fab. It comes as no surprise, therefore, to learn that approximately 108 million Americans follow some form of a diet each year and invest over $20 billion a year on weight loss books, drugs and surgeries, and an additional $44 billion a year on weight loss supplements.

Learn More about the Caloric Responsibility Difference

Caloric Responsibility is an energy management system that simplifies two of the most fundamental functions of human existence: nutrition and exercise. Caloric Responsibility provides individuals with all of the variables unique to their body, paving the way to understanding proper nutrition and energy management. Our software package determines the exact caloric requirements of each person in order to lose, maintain, or gain weight. The health and fitness industry is crowded with fads, gimmicks, and short-term solutions to long-term problems. Caloric Responsibility strives to educate and empower members and clients, helping them to live a long and healthy life.



Education and science have always been important to our team, in fact our mandate starts with teaching the foundation of proper exercise and nutrition to our clients. This is an important step for you our valued client, as you will learn how to take control of your weight by using & mastering science based concepts that never fail. Human energy balance is at the forefront of all of our systems. These systems are then optimized through proper nutritional and exercise programming. And then supported by continually educating you on the theories used to accelerate weight loss in the human body and you our clients.


Encouragement is created naturally by the results generated through/by the CR accelerated weight loss program. Real life stories and testimonies are always great starting points but in most cases seeing is believing. Imagine training next to someone that has already lost 50, 60 or even 90 pounds in the past 3-4 months. You see, enthusiasm really is contagious, and at Caloric Responsibility we take encouragement very seriously, as you have always thought you could do it, but we knew you could.


Equipping is the next step to help ensure long-term success. This next step includes mentoring you on the entire process outlined and taught in the CR program. Again, our goal is for you to learn and master all the steps taught throughout the CR program, which will provide you with multiple tools to help maximize weight loss and weight control every single day. As you continue the journey and complete the successful life style transition, it will quickly become personally evident that your old subpar life is now a distant memory, as the new begins to lead the life you always knew awaited you just around the corner.

Serious About weight loss…

At Caloric Responsibility we are very serious about weight loss & weight control. In fact it’s all we do, which allows us to offer our clients and patients unprecedented results. But don’t take our word for it click here to view video, and hear first hand what people like you have to say about the Caloric Responsibility accelerated weight loss system.

Why a Caloric Responsibility accelerated weight loss center…

At Caloric Responsibility we put the client first. This starts with a free client/patient preliminary session. This session is used to learn more about your unique situation. As our plan for success always starts by listen, this in turn allows us to identify any and all possible hurdles and obstacles. During the initial meeting we are able to create goals that are SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timeframe) together.


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