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Body Composition Analysis

Diet Analysis/Food Plan



Body Composition Analysis

Diet Analysis/Food Plan

2 Personal Training Sessions



Body Composition Analysis

Diet Analysis/Food Plan

Metabolic Cart*

3 Personal Training Sessions


*Our Metabolic cart is used to identify and prove your personal VT1 crossover point. This allows us to maximize weight loss through optimized “Beta-Oxidation” every single workout…Remember we need to train smarter NOT harder!

Metabolic Profiling

Historically metabolic testing was only available at universities and hospitals. Metabolic screening to not only available at all CR conditioning & training centers, but a mandatory element of all our accelerated weight loss programs. Professional athletes have always known that the key to maximizing their personal performance was VO2 testing!

For those of you we have had the privilege to train or have attended one of our Caloric Responsibility seminars know the only way to accelerate comfortable permanent, lasting weight loss is through CR’s science proven smart training concepts. The most consistent theme in any of our seminars is to train SMARTER not HARDER. This is why we strongly recommend metabolic testing for all our clients. This is non-negotiable part of our accelerated weight loss system. Everyone’s heard that the key to becoming a lean, mean fat burning machine is regular cardio workouts in your fat burning zone. The problem for over 40 years we have been using a system based on cardio train zone formula 220-age x 50-75% the problem is the formula is only accurate for 33% of the population, and leads to under or over training for the other 66% of the population base. This leads to using CHO’s as your primary fuel instead of FATS, as it can be inaccurate by up to 30 PPM. To learn more about Beta-Oxidation & Glycolysis plan on attending a Caloric Responsibility seminar, or purchase a copy of the book “Caloric Responsibility”. The only way eliminate the guess work and maximize fat metabolization, is through V02 testing, this will allow a highly skilled trainer to identify your individual VT1 cross over point. A detailed explanation is provided with your test results. Exercising within your personal VT1 zone will generate amazing, consistent weight loss results that you and keep you fully engaged by ongoing encouragement. These training concepts will also decrease fatigue and allow you to train for longer periods of time without sustaining injuries generated by over training. So why not start getting the most out of your workout today?

Metabolic Profiling gives you the exact data you need to succeed!

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These personal CR session can be used for Nutritional coaching or Personal training options. Ask your trainer professional details.

Caloric Responsibility Professional Training and Coaching Systems

Personal, Focused, Professional, Results Driven! Our accelerated weight loss systems are all about you, and tailored made to generate optimal results in every individual. Our educational based mentorship and coaching programs have one common goal: to help you lose weight, manage energy levels, and get moving again. It is our passion to serve you, while making a lasting difference in your life. That’s why all CR professional trainers are Collage/University trained or have passed Caloric Responsibilities rigorous certification program.

The CR coaching systems combine the latest advancements in nutritional science and exercise physiology. Our functional fitness programs decrease the risk of injury by using only low to no impact training concepts! Once again the CR team only promotes SMART training concepts. These continuous movement sessions are proven to generate the fastest consistent weight loss, in all tested subjects.

Are you just starting out?

Looking for a science/educational based program that teaches you how to control your weight forever?
Have you ever wondered what it will take to be successful?
Have you always wanted to learn how to lose weight the proper way?
Are you confused about weight loss?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions then the Caloric Responsibility platform is the answer you have been looking for. Call now for details 1-855—884-8809.

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