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GRAND PRIZE 4 Nights / 5 days in sunny California. Flight and accommodations included.

Curtis StathamLynda Ingenthron Andi Bacon

The Contest that Changes Lives on as Classic WINNER Challenge 8

Real people…real results…People just like you and I. We have always fully endorsed the concept of “Change your Weight Change your Life”! I have always thought one of the best jobs on this earth would be that of a professional athlete. Can you imagine being paid for getting or staying in shape…Wow, talk about a great job.

If being paid for getting in shape sounds enticing to you and you would like to loss a few pounds or quit a few pounds, then our Caloric Responsibility “Classic WINNER Challenge” seminar series is for you.

This contest will allow you to compete for over $10,000 in cash and prizes, against competitors all across North America.


Classic Loser, under a new and Exciting name, “Classic Winner“.  Same great platform, same great coaches and lessons.  Start the new year out with the CalRes Advantage and begin a New Journey to enjoy a quality of life you Desire.  Deadline to register as a contestant is Jan 27, 2018!

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