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Are you looking for a great business opportunity in a growing industry (pun intended)? Are you passionate about wellness, health and fitness? Have you always wanted to be your own boss, and get paid for doing something you love doing? If you answered yes to either or all the above questions, then the Caloric Responsibility training and Conditioning center opportunity to definitely for you. Global obesity trends continue to rise despite the industries failing attempts to curve our ever expanding waist lines. The global weight loss industry is one of the fastest growing market opportunities in the world boosting 25 trillion dollars in total revenues.

Never before has there been a more comprehensive approach to accelerated weight loss in the human body. The Caloric Responsibility platform brings an educational, science based teaching and coaching system to every CR accelerated weight loss center.

Caloric Responsibility accelerated weight loss, training and condition centers can generally be opening for under $100K us (plus legal, and registration fees). We offer three profitable CR training and conditioning center packages. Package A $99,999.00 Package B $149,999.00 C. $199,999.00 Based on our our combined 100 year plus fitness industry experience, we were able to create an extremely functional, high performance, low impact training & conditioning center focused on the needs of clients facing obesity generated challenges. The CR training center can generally operate in three compact sized facilities (3000 & 4000 & 5000 sq. Ft.). These smaller more intimate studios tend to generate higher ROI’s (return on investment), and offer our struggling clients a much more appealing space. Based on our experience these sizes can be adjusted according to market opportunity. We have also pre negotiated package pricing with the biggest names in the North American market place (Octane Fitness, HOIST, TKO, Hampton Fitness, KORR BioMedical, and CR Energy management systems). Our equipment package was handpicked by our medical and training experts.

Are you ready for the Caloric Responsibility difference?

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